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MALE PARTNERS WANTED:  (all replies to webmanager@wheretodance.co.nz

I'm an active 71year old woman 5 ft8 medium build Am looking for a slim male partner 6ft tall age55-65 to dance socially .I live in Manurewa, i am intermediate level I enjoy ballroom Latin rock roll.   BM

I am a 25 year old female (160cm medium build) rock n roll dancer interested in finding a male in their 20's or 30's who is interested in dancing rock n roll both socially and competitively.  Rock n roll experience is not required, but an interest in learning and a good sense of rhythm will go a long way.  Based in central or south Auckland.  DB

I am moving to Auckland for work in the next 3 weeks and have 10 years jazz ballet experience and  a couple years ceroc dancing experience. I am 25, slim build, height 183 cm and looking for a tall male around the same age to learn latino or ballroom with and practise during the week. Preferable more experienced than me. OH

Hi, I am an intermediate ballroom/latin dancer and an advanced level New Vogue dancer. I also dance salsa well, and do so occasionally but am more interested in ballroom dancing. I am 5'4" (5' 7" with heels) have a pleasant personality, 50+ of average built , 64 kgs, and am looking for a dance partner between the ages of 50 - 65 , of a suitable height . He must be someone who just loves to dance as I do and has a pleasant personality. In fact, I am passionate about dancing. With the right partner, I may consider doing competitions. Must be at least at intermediate level, energetic and keen to practice and also be available for some outings to the RSA's etc. I attend two classes a week and am keen to further improve my dance skills. I live in Hillsborough but dance all around Auckland. If this sounds like you, please contact me. C.S

Hi I am 43 yrs. old 162cm tall I am a size 14  I have done beginners Rock and roll classes would like to continue with them. Also social dances. Can do some moves as well that are Intermediate as well. I am not looking for competition at all just for fun. I am East Auckland joined City of sails rock and Roll group and meeting each week with them.  He Ca

Male dance partner wanted for Salsa and Latin American dance classes, at least once a week, preferably on the shore or the city. starting off beginners again and then I'd love to get to competition stage eventually, not essential but a nice dream of mine. I'm 5ft 5", slim & curvy, 40 and passionate about dancing and really need someone to practice with that shares the same passion for dance and movement.  If you can practice once a week and work towards possible competition level then please contact me.  SA

I'm looking for a dance partner who is free to practice at least twice a week and who has done a bit of dancing before. I'm a 37 year old female,  5.3 in height and lives in Auckland central. I have done a bronze in Latin American n ballroom dancing. But I haven't danced for the last 4 years. I believe when I start it will all come back to me. If you are interested please get in touch.  NM

I am a female dancer recently returned to dancing Waltz, Latin American and Rock n Roll and Ceroc. Slim athletic build 176cm tall.  Looking for a male mid to late 50’s-60’s who also loves to dance.  JM

I am a women aged 48, living East Auckland, of average build with dance experience (Intermediate – Advanced) Ballroom/New vogue B & A Grade/Latin C Grade, and other styles.   I am 5’4 (no heels) so someone taller thanks.  Purely to attend private lesson(s)during the week with a coach, covering Ballroom/NV/latin to keep dance skills/level fresh without losing that element of quality. Qualities I am seeking being pleasant personality, energetic, wanting similar to keep suitable fitness level.  If you feel you have moved on from a beginner, still with the bug for dance yet also wanting an element of quality to your own dancing, let’s try.  Competitions @ a later date may consider.    CW

Looking for Male Dancing Partner over 5’11” tall, over 50 years, advance Latin American dancer, level 1 to 5 competitor (but not essentially). I am very advance Latin American competitor level 5, tall 5’8”, over 50 of age, NZ size 12. I also like social and Ballroom in which I am good too. Wish to dance in Auckland and around all NZ, and maybe internationally one day. AB

A Boy /Girl dance partner for Rock and Roll required for 13 year old girl who is at Intermediate stage of dancing. Lives in East Auckland but prepared to travell.Height 5.8 size 14 girls. She wants to dance at RSA Cosi clubs and also enter into competitions. Please contact Mum.  He Ca

I love music and dancing, but would be a beginner at dancing with a partner. I had lessons in Ballroom, Latin American and Rock 'n’ Roll some years ago. I have also been learning Pacific Island dancing for two years now.I’m interested in trying Ceroc, Salsa, Tango, Zouk, Bachata, Lambada, Merengue, Kizomba, or similar. Lessons and/or social dancing, not competitions.I am 44 years old. 5'4” (1.64 m) tall and 55 kg. Am fit and active. Have been practicing feldenkrais for 12 years and learning drums for one year, so I am co-ordinated, and have a good sense of rhythm.I am based on the Hibiscus Coast, but I’m willing to travel. JP

I am a 44 year old woman, 5 foot 4, size 14, have done beginners Rock n Roll classes and would like to continue and move onto more advanced classes. I am a member of the City of Sails Rock n Roll club and am looking for a dance partner - not looking for competitions at this stage just fun.  Open to the idea of learning other dance styles.  ND

I am late 40s Asian, size 6 and 156cm tall from glenfield. Well presentable, intermediate or advance level in some dance. I am taking private lessons and am willing to improve. Looking for a dance partner with intermediate or advance level for social dancing in all Auckland areas or maybe lessons.  AG

Hi, I am 35 and have been dancing Ballroom and Latin for 10 years. I am slim and fit, 163cm with heels 169cm. I live in Auckland central area and am looking for a at least intermediate level dancing partner who is fit and over 178cm under ages of 50. My teacher has been encouraging me to compete. I think with the right partner I may consider doing competitions. I am usually flexible in the evening and weekend to practise or go to dancing night. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, LX

I participate in sports dance competition in China. The highest category and have achieved good results. I also was a dancing teacher for 10 years in China .After moving to Auckland I have time again to get back into my passion latin dancing. Looking for a male partner around the north shore area with competition experience and who is able to train multiple times per week. I am famale, 28 years old, 168 cm tall.  SL

I am a 61 year old European lady, of slim to medium build, 163 cm height without heels, living in Central Auckland. Looking for male dance partner of intermediate level in Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin. PB

Hi, I am looking for a male dance partner in their 40’s who loves all forms of partnered dancing. I am 5/2 and of a slim build. I have been dancing all my life but swing dancing has been the style I have been enjoying over the past 7 years to an advanced level. I have done most of the other styles of partnered dancing to a novice/intermediate level. Looking for someone on the North Shore or the city to try different styles of dance, or continue with swing dancing with. Happy to do comps, practice, and socials. I. I.

Level 4 Masters 1/2 European lady (slim, 5 ft 2.5", mid 50's) looking for competition and/or practice partner for ballroom, New Vogue and possibly latin. I live in central Auckland, and currently train in Ellerslie and other areas. HW

I am an active 60 year old lady looking for a dance partner for social dancing at clubs, RSA's and learning Sequence and New Vogue.  I've been dancing for about 18 months and live in East Auckland.  I am 5' 8" and of slim build.  Emphasis on fun and a sense of humour helpful.  JT

I am looking for male dance-partner for Ballroom and New Vogue master 2 or 1 for competitive dancing. Based in Auckland, both master 2 or 1 all levels above are even better. I am in 50 's , 162cm tall , slim, and If you interested please contact me by message. Thanks! MZ

. I am a 53 year old lady, looking for a dance partner. I am 5ft1 and love dancing. I have been learning the jive, chacha, waltz, tango, rumba, rock n roll, jive and samba. I am now at intermediate level. Although I live in Central Auckland, I am willing to travel to clubs anywhere to dance to a good band. I am an RSA member. I'm looking for someone to go dancing with regularly...to the RSAs or any social dancing places. Look forward to hearing from you...JF

I am a 35 year old lady, new to Auckland, looking for a dance partner. I am 5ft3, slim and fit. Love ball room dancing. I learnt chacha, waltz, and a little samba. I am at beginning to intermediate level. But I learn pretty fast. I live in Westl Auckland. I 'm looking for a male dancing partner to go dancing at social dancing places. Thanks LZ

Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin, Old time Classical dancing. I am 50's female, 5' 4" tall, slim from Hillsborough. I can enjoy all sorts of dancing, but I am looking for a suitable person for competitions. I am currently ranked B grade in Senior Master 1 & 2. I have a pleasant personality. FO 

FEMALE PARTNERS WANTED:  (all replies to webmanager@wheretodance.co.nz)

I am a 48 year old male, living in Panmure, looking for a dance partner.  I dance mid-level in Ballroom, Latin and Rock N Roll and would like a lady aged below 50, between 158 & 168cm and dancing at mid-level if possible.  GY

7 year old boy, wanting to dance E grade and prelims, needs a female partner about the same age.  He has danced in partnership-excluded previously.  He lives on the North Shore but dances in Dominion Road, Balmoral.  Apply to his mum, KM.

Hi there 40yrs kiwi male living in Auckland CBD, looking for suitable dance partner im new to ceroc and would like the company on a wekly basis to lern more ceroc if this is you would love to hear from you. NK

I am a 34 year old male, looking for a dance partner in Auckland preferrably in the age range from 24 to 44.  I've practised linear Salsa, but I am also open to other styles. I am somewhere between  beginner and intermediate levels. IR

I am 54 yrs old and 6'2' tall, I am very energetic and fit and scrub up really well, I am currently ranked C grade in Senior ballroom, new vogue, old time classical and latin dancing, I live in East Auclkland.  DJ

I am a 50+ male, 167cm tall, small build, looking for a female dance partner in South Auckland area for dance practise. I am at beginners level for Waltz, Rock n Roll, Social fox trot, ballroom dances. RG

I am a 44 yrs kiwi guy wanting to go back to learn ceroc dance .I have been to a couple of dance classes but mainly on the partners only classes when my partner had some free time but however due to her study commitments I wish to learn again .I am a beginner howerver Im looking for a suitable dance partner at the same time someone happy to either teach me on a one to one basis or in a classs enviroment., But ideally would like the same regular dance partner to learn together If you are able to help me would be much appreciated and I guess ideally someone from age 30yrs upto my age . NK
I'm 28 yrs old 5.8 ft tall male looking for a female dance partner preferably 20's, I have done a beginner Salsa class a few weeks ago but have not been practicing much as I didn't have a keen partner, I'll be doing more Salsa lessons, and may start a Ceroc class. I basically want to do Salsa,Ceroc and Tango maybe some rock n roll. I can practice regularly at least once a week, socials and maybe competions later on.  BF

I am in my late 50's, fit and healthy, 5' 10", 75 kgs and live in the Eastern Suburbs. I am looking for a dance partner, any age group but prefereably 40's to 60's. I have recently acquired a passion for dancing. I'm slightly better than a beginner having done (and still doing) a course in Salsa and have also danced some ballroom, waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and New Vogue with a partner for a little while, but without any lessons. If you are at the same stage as me or a little better, I'm a quick learner. If you have a sense of humour that would be a bonus. If you're interested I'd love to hear from you. RD

Arif is my name,42, 1.70 m highth,dark hair,choclate brown eyes and a great smile,i am from spain ,healthy and fit(salsa dancer &karate instructor) live in takapuna, places I like to dance is on Fridays Mexican cafe, kingsland bar on Wednesday nights also social anywhere where there is salsa fun partys.  Came frm chch to live in auckland looking for a co ordinated lady tall or short (can lead)who would like to share a dance,it can be salsa,merengue, bachata or even lambada.I am also very professional in Turkish dancing a bit different but can teach,no problem at all.  I am very co ordinated ,fun,friendly person to be with,I like people and food(chef).Looking forward to hear from you girls.  AK
I am a slim and fit Asian man in my mid 30s and 173cm tall. I have been doing a few classes a week on ballroom and latin for the last 5 months, so considered beginner/intermediate level. Would like a practice/advancing on my dancing skill, and willing to put in effort. Ideally around CBD/Central Auckland. OK Y

Male seeking a female dance partner . I am early 30’s, athletic build, approx 6 feet tall & friendly and would like to dance in central Auckland. I have been getting salsa lessons for last 9 months and I’ve been doing a small amount of social dancing. I prefer to focus on Salsa to begin with and other styles would considered later such as Bachata, Zouk etc..It would be great to practise combinations, perhaps get lessons, definitely more social dancing and competitions would be great at a later stage. DD
Im fit, 57, 179 and 90kgs. I have basic Ballroom, R&R and Salsa  so I'm willing to upskill these and or learn new style. I've also danced Modern Jive (ceroc) for 15 years and taught it for 10 years.  You're fit , good rythm and timing, can follow, intermediate level plus please, and would like to go to dance halls, rsa to social dance. Maybe classes too.. .  S B

I am   looking   for  a dance  partner  for enjojable  social  dancing  on  a  casual basis I am  in my middle 50s medium  build  height  5/8  live in  onehunga would  be happy  to  help a  beginner  rock n roll  ballroom or latin. SP

Slim (59kg) 5' 10"in height.Strong athletic and flexible build.Handsome kiwi that has a Latin appearance,who is in his late 50's but doesn''t look or act his age.I have 20 years dance experience in many dance styles.I am looking for a woman who has pazzazl on the dance floor ,who is attractive and shorter and lighter than me. Someone who wants to train once a week(at the moment) and enjoy the social side of dancing as well.  I live in Howick.  KA

Looking for a female dance partner age open however I am a young 60+. Prefer a woman similar in statue as I slim 175cm not over 79kgs . I dance ballroom some latin and some ceroc. Mainly social however do take lessons on a regular basis and compete in Pro/Am. Based on the North Shore and do travel to some other parts of Auckland. Would like to be more proficient and have1 a wider range of dances and moves. NP

i am a male 42 years old average build living in Otahuhu, I have just started learning Salsa (Rueda) and really liking it,looking for a dance partner so we can get together and practice and learn from each other,  I have only been dancing for about four weeks so really new.  IM

Slim.6',60+ man searching for regular dance partner to attend events together, practice regularly, and possibly attend lessens together. I am intermediate level at social Ballroom/Latin, many years of Modern Jive, and reasonable at West Coast Swing, and still learning to improve. Very passionate about my dancing, very good lead, timing, rhythm, and musicality. Any age acceptable but must have good timing, and similar passion, then anything is possible. GC

I am a 55 year old Indian male. 5 foot 8 inches tall and of slim build. I have just begun to learn chacha, fox trot and rock and roll . If you are keen to help me practice and don't mind occasionally stepping on your toes( lightly of course) I would like to hear from you .  SE 

Hi… Fun, fit, easy-going, patient yet passionate, 40 yr male, 5’8 (172cm) tall, salsa dancer seeks like-minded woman for salsa practise, perhaps lessons and, when we’re ready, some social dancing. I began beginner Salsa classes in Central Auckland 2 months ago, am loving it ..and now aiming for improver level. I’m available Wednesdays and weekends, though I have some flexibility. Central preferred but I may be willing to travel for the right person. LR  

Looking for a junior girl for a wonderful junior level 2 ballroom boy who is 178cm tall, slim. Great potential. Also keen to start latin:.  Min Fang - Just Dance Studios.

66yr old male 78kg 5. 10 from north shore seeks dance partner. Have completed a basic jive and ballroom course and would like to continue social dancing.  MW

Male, 26, small 168cm, slim and strong. Havent danced since intermediate school but I remember being quite good and would like to get back into it. Looking for a female dancing partner, do not mind if she is a higher level as that would spur me on.  . I'm in Royal oak and would prefer anywhere Central Auckland including CBD and Mount Eden.  ZG

6ft2 athletic,Mid 50s guy looking for partner 5ft 7 (170cm) upwards to dance ballroom & New Vogue Masters 1 & 2 Level 4 &5. Im looking for a partner in the central auckland area. W.G 

Hi, im 42 years old, 6'1", medium build, basic fitness, well groomed and a happy individual... I would like to learn to waltz, and to foxtrot well. I have never ever danced. Have some rhythm. Someone patient with a sense of humour would be great. I will travel.  PM