Where to Dance

Where to Dance Interview: Aaron Gilmore

Aaron Gilmore grew up in Christchurch and is a renowned Ballroom and Latin American dancer, teacher, life coach and advocate for change.

He has been competing since the age of ten, has won numerous competitions, and is two times Dancing With The Stars champ. Aaron, with Lotto’s Sonia Gray competed in this year’s DWTS contest.

How are you feeling about leaving DWTS so early and how do you make the best of an
experience like that?

Of course, it was disappointing, and Sonia and I would have loved to have shared more. In moments like those though, I think it’s important to allow yourself to feel the disappointment and then to remember that we always have choices. Our dancing’s not done, Sonia and I plan to work together again – the journey’s not over!


How I came to dance ..

I have Irish heritage on both sides of the family, so I started Irish dancing at age seven. But it was learning Latin, Ballroom and Old Time from the age of eight that really captured my heart and imagination.

One of the highlights of my dance career has been ..

Just sharing it – through performance and teaching, or simply dancing with another.

What defines me as a dancer and teacher is ..

The younger me loved the pure physicality of dance, the mature me enjoys the subtleties, the many moods, the story behind the dance.

What I tell dancers to think about is ..

To think about themselves first. What feedback are you getting from the body; how does it feel? If you can feel it, you can control it.. Then the cool thing becomes that you get to choose how you use it, and in what ways.

Do you want to dance in relation to another or open on a stage? Perhaps both, which I enjoy. So much confidence grows from knowing you’re moving with some purpose. How you do that is not as hard as you think.  :)

My top dance etiquette tip is ..

Have a good level of self-care, take the best care of yourself and your personal hygiene.

One of the health benefits of dance I most appreciate now is ..

Everything! Dance is mind, body and soul – a mirror ball of benefits.

My hot tip for taking care of my body is ..

Move it. Be curious. Get out of your own way and enjoy it all.

I would like to thank ..

Ali Leonard (announcer on the Breeze) – for recommending me for DWTS in the first instance, all those years ago.

I’d like to see the dance industry in NZ ..

Remember why we all do it. The fails can be around ego and insecurity. There is enough sparkle and shine to go around for everyone.

What else are you up to these days?

I run Dance For Life, an on-line group that you can join. For dance, dance fitness, guided workouts and lots of health and wellness info to help you glow. I share this over the Facebook platform.

It’s about supporting wellbeing and confidence, bringing joy, and connecting to your shine.Dance and its life lessons have meant the world to me, and here I get to share that.