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Where to Dance Interview: Karen Knofflock

Where to Dance Interview: Karen Knofflock

Ex Wellingtonian Karen Knofflock has fallen head of heels in love with dance, so much so that she visited the Dominican Republic (where bachata originated), attending the Bachata Paradise Festival, learning about the roots of bachata, and enjoyed a starry chartered dance cruise. She's built a body of knowledge - to share with Kiwi dancers. 

Karen teaches, is administrator and event coordinator at Salsa Groove Marlborough, Blenheim.

The moment I fell in love with dance was ..

the first time my husband showed me a few Salsa steps he had learned.


My favourite dances are ..

LA Salsa, Cuban Salsa, Kizomba and Dominican Bachata


Songs that will always get me onto the dancefloor are ..

Bachata - Melina (Fernando Sariano & Joan Soriano) 

Salsa - Vivir Mi Vida (Marc Anthony) 

Kizomba - Rebound chick (Nelson Freitas)

What defines me as a dancer is ..

Dancing has given me the freedom to express myself and understand others. For me it is all about happy hormones and I am at my happiest when I put on some music and dance.


What I tell dancers to think about is ..

to listen to the music, keep in time but more importantly have fun.


My top dance etiquette tip is ..

don't dance above your partner's skill level.


One of the health benefits of dance I most appreciate now is ..

that dancing relieves stress.


I would like to thank ..

my husband Gary (who co-teaches with me at Salsa Groove Marlborough), for his support in love, life and dance!


My hot tip for taking care of my body as a dancer is ..

staying hydrated.


One of the highlights of my dance career has been ..

winning the Cultural Manager Award for Salsa Groove Marlborough at the New Zealand Latin Awards 2020 – which was totally out of the blue! 

What events do you have upcoming?

The SBK Back to the Roots Festival – 6 – 8 May 2022. Experience the essence of the Afro, Latin and Caribbean rhythms, and the iconic dance styles they evolved - it’s back to the roots of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.