Where to Dance

Where to Dance Interview: May from May’s Dancing Shoes

May arrived in NZ in 2017 with one suitcase. She joined swing dance classes in Auckland to cure her winter blues and help overcome the kind of difficulties new immigrants can face, isolation and work insecurity.

May found a shoemaker who customised her a pair of beautiful yet comfortable suede-soled dancing shoes. “The first moment I danced in them, WOW, I felt like I had a pair of invisible wings.”

The turning point of this story came after an advanced dancer asked for dance shoe options on Facebook. When May suggested her shoes, the dancer ordered two pairs. It reinforced May’s impression that it was difficult to find affordable, comfortable and stylish dancing shoes in NZ—voila May’s Dancing Shoes was born!

The moment I fell in love with dance was ..

watching a group of dancers swing dancing at The Lula Inn in Auckland.

Three of my favourite dances are ..

Balboa, Ballet and Tango.

One of the health benefits of dance I most appreciate now is ..

that dancing makes me happy.

One of the highlights of my dancing life has been ..

when my dance partner Charlie and I won the Balboa championship at the South Island Swing Dance Competition in 2019.

My advice when buying dance shoes is ..

buy the right size.

What I look for in a good pair of dance shoes is ..


My best selling shoe is ..

the classic T-bar heels for women and the brogue for men.

May, what is your business vision for the future?

The motivation for selling shoes is to support my dream—dancing and traveling all over the world. I’ve decided to make my dream come true by supporting others’ dreams coming true. Although the pandemic has put many dances on hold, my mission of providing beautiful, comfortable, and affordable shoes has never wavered.

Let’s keep dancing, keep walking and keep smiling!