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Sugarfoot Stomp Dance Styles: Swing

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Education of Swing as a Black American vernacular dance is front and centre of Sugarfoot Stomp’s purpose for operating. All of these dances began and flourish in Black American communities. We aim to be authentic, respectful, and clear that there’s much work to be done, both nationally and internationally, in bringing Black voices to the past and present narratives of swing dance.

Sugarfoot Stomp is an Incorporated Society with Tier 4 Registered Charitable status, established in 2018, promoting the education of Black American Swing Dance to the public. It operates with a Constitution (set of rules), Code of Conduct, and Membership. It’s an egalitarian enterprise where the managing Board (made up of the membership base) set policies and procedures to ensure smooth and transparent operations. Organisational roles are taken on by members.

In regards to the dances Sugarfoot Stomp facilitates – it’s up to our Members. On offer at the moment are a variety of partnered and solo dances including, Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, Charleston, and Blues.

Just beginning? No worries! There are discounts for Sugarfoot Stomp members participating in classes, workshops and events.