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Move Dance Company

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Move Dance Company Dance Styles: Modern Jive Weddings

Learn to dance at our Modern Jive classes and enjoy the social atmosphere - no experience necessary and no partners required.

Why Modern Jive? More than just a lesson, our classes are a great night out. There is a very social element to Modern Jive, with regular dance parties and informal social events.

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Modern Jive, is a fusion of salsa, jive and swing, it is commonly danced to any four-beat rhythm, which means that the musical options are diverse. In any one freestyle session, the music played may include chart songs, classics or something with a Latin twist. The songs can range from slow to quick and lively. The basic step remains the same, allowing for the moves to be stylised to suit your music choice.

'Leads' should able to think on their feet and communicate their intentions to their partner effectively. 'Follows' are asked to keep the tension and contact with their partners so that they can correctly interpret the lead.

The Modern Jive 'basic' step involves stepping back on one foot, transferring the weight, then returning to parallel, repeating and alternating between feet. The partners face each other and generally keep at least one hand connected. This allows for the 'conversation' between lead and follow. Due to this, the 'basic' step can be embellished, adding arm styling, accentuating hip movements, body facing, adding spins, dips and lifts.