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Based in Wellington & Wanaka, I specialise in professional photography for dance and performing artists. With a long career in the arts and as photographer, I've been privileged to photograph many of the worlds great dance, theatre and music artists. I'm honoured to be one of the approved photographers for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

My latest project is offering students, at participating dance studios, the opportunity to create their very own Dance Masterpiece photograph. Just like the professionals - you star in your own art masterpiece, as a soloist with a stunning background. Choose your favourite role and moves and bring your costume. I photograph you with beautiful studio lighting, at your participating dance studio. After your photoshoot I create a stunning classical ballet or contemporary art style background to complete your art masterpiece I photograph professional dancers and I'll help you relax and guide you with your positions. You'll be the star in your very own show. You'll love it and your friends will be totally impressed. I work in collaboration with dance schools.

If you would like to offer this opportunity to your students please contact me celia@stagebox.co.nz To find out more please contact me and check out -  www.stagebox.co.nz/info/ballet-dance-photography-wanaka